Ellie was quick to object their leaving her and physically showed guilt about her death following the attack. Barely afloat in the water, she calls for Joel's help, her carer managing to grab her only to be knocked out when crashing against a large rock. Extremely disappointed with Ellie, Jesse leaves her to go and help Tommy, and Ellie goes on to steal a boat from the WLF. While making their way there, Joel asks where her parents are and why Marlene is so fixated on her, among other things. Ellie's joke book was given to her by Riley as seen in. Finding the gate they must pass to reach the hotel, the pair realize they need to retrieve gas elsewhere to power the generator. After crossing plank to reach another building, Ellie is taken aback by the view, her child-like wonder briefly reminding Joel of Sarah. She dumps the water on the tire and goes to confront the girl about her Walkman. Druckmann felt that moths' obsession with light mirrored Ellie's obsession throughout the game, as well as giving her a reminder of Joel. The pair has slowly bonded with the brothers but this ended when Sam became infected and Henry commits suicide out of grief for killing his brother. It is also rife with tons of irony. Joel thinks for a moment, then smiles and asks "What is the downside to eating a clock?" She initially attacked him on Joel's defense when they first met, though softened to him when she saw his brother. When they do reach the school, they find the battery in the truck is gone. Ellie climbs aboard the carousel and rides for a brief moment before she asks Riley to join her. Players can browse through Ellie's artifacts while she is playable in. Riley's bravado emboldens Ellie on their short journey outside the zone, so much so that she is willing to risk her own life to save her in any given situation. She turns to find her friend fiddling with a walkie-talkie. As the restaurant slowly goes up in flames, he locks the exit and taunts Ellie, telling her that she has nowhere to go and would need to take the keys from him if she wanted to leave. Ellie Williams (non-canon) Kiddo (by Joel) Baby girl (by Joel) New Kid (by Riley) Wolf (by Seraphites) Brick Master (by herself) Herding Master (by herself) Babe (by Dina) El (by Dina) He orders Riley and Ellie to return to the school before he departs. Ellie and Jesse spend a moment alone to talk with each other, with Ellie thanking Jesse for coming back and looking out for her. Religion The pair throw the smoke bombs at the military, allowing the Fireflies to retreat safely. Just as the fall draws in, the two find Tommy in a dam providing electricity to a revived permanent community. However, their discussion was interrupted by couple of children having a snowball fight. Watching the wounded Fireflies from the roof. Dina and Ellie attempt to sneak out of the building but the arriving WLF patrol ambush them. When Joel catches up to her, the two have a heated argument where it became obvious to both of them how much they have bonded and cared for each other during their travels. Ellie kills the Infected and proceeds to move the beam away from the chain. He seems to bite her before Ellie kills it with a brick. Before leaving, he gives Joel a siphon hose so he can obtain gas from abandoned cars. Before they leave, Marlene gives Ellie a switchblade and tells her that it was her mother's. Ellie does not see much of a future for herself and Riley says that her mentality is exactly how the Quarantine Zone's authority figures want people to think. At first Joel does not want Ellie to mention Sarah, saying that Ellie is "treading on some mighty thin ice here". They drive away as quickly as possible to escape the Infected, but a Clicker climbs onto the hood of the truck, making driving difficult. Arriving at Winston’s camp, Ellie tells Riley that she heard that Winston had died of a heart attack, a rarity for survivors. She states that they promised to wait together until the end, and that she's still waiting to turn and join her friend. Ellie wants to help but still thinks Joel will not let her. Knowing Ellie is just going to sneak out anyway, Maria allows her and Dina to head to Seattle on their horse, asking them to bring Tommy back in one piece, but notes that she cannot spare anyone else to go with them.[44]. [61] Game Informer's Kyle Hilliard compared Joel and Ellie's relationship to that of the Prince and Elika from Prince of Persia (2008), writing that both duos care deeply for one another, and praising the "emotional crescendo" in The Last of Us, which he judged had not been achieved in Prince of Persia. However, when the bandits attacked the facility, Ellie and Maria were forced to cooperate to survive (since the story was told from Joel's point of view, this section is unclear) but it is known that they took cover and protected each other in the common room office. [2] Druckmann designed Ellie as a counterpart to Joel, the main playable character of The Last of Us. She initially bonded with Tess more than Joel, the woman protecting her when in the derelict building and talking to her more than Joel. Ellie suggests that the three split up to look for them. [13], In the weeks after their arrival, Ellie and Joel settle into life in Jackson. Dina takes Ellie to the theater dressing room to calm Ellie down and tend to her wounds. Watching Joel die before her eyes causes her hearing to go out, as she is unable to hear the WLF's conversation as she cries frantically while threatening them that she will kill them. [6] Johnson was sometimes uncomfortable while performing "disturbing" scenes. Ellie is touched that he remembered, and accepts the guitar. Ellie, Tommy and Dina prepare to head out on patrol to relieve Joel and Tommy. [5] However, she was excited to play a rare example of a strong female video game character. Despite Ellie kissing his ex-girlfriend last night, Jesse is still friends with Ellie as his relationship with Dina has been long over. Abby gains the upper hand, breaking Ellie's arm before beating her within inches of her life. Later on in the night, Ellie lies beside and watches over Dina as she sleeps in the theater dressing room. The team was also interested in Ellie's behavior around Riley; she is perceived as being more playful. He kills Marlene and the Fireflies, makes his way to the operating room, and carries the unconscious Ellie to safety. When Riley asks if Ellie has made friends with anyone at the school or kept up with her friends, Ellie is evasive, but tells her that she doesn’t really talk to anyone since she left. As the pair go to leave, Bill threatens her, but she slyly says she "doesn't need any of [his] shit". Ellie finds the fuel tank empty, so they decide to continue searching the district. She steers the boat through rapids and skirmishes between the WLF and Seraphites, eventually reaching an abandoned arcade she has to cut through before reaching the aquarium. [47] While capable of overpowering normal sized individuals, it does take quite a bit of effort on Ellie's part to do so. He holds her at gunpoint after throwing her to the ground, asking her how she managed to escape alive. Ellie eventually becomes separated from Joel when the pair climb an elevator shaft, the elevator giving way, sending him plummeting to the bottom. The Last of Us Part II (mentioned) Cat is a character mentioned in The Last of Us Part II who lives with her family in the Jackson community. [12] Afterward, Ellie reminds Riley that she has to return to the school and her friend offers to "walk her home". 4.5 out of 5 stars 2. She serves as the deuteragonist of The Last of Us, the playable protagonist of The Last of Us Part II[1] and The Last of Us: Left Behind, and the main character in The Last of Us: American Dreams. In the meantime, Ellie is drafted into the military and keeps a marginal connection with Riley’s friends. Ellie confirms that she will, as Dina needs care in Jackson. Ellie notices a way out but Riley refuses to leave and runs for a gun near one of the men. He enabled her to feel like a child again, like she felt with Riley. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. While looking around, Ellie finds messages written on the wall from a man who apparently hid out there. Although Tess was skeptical of Ellie's immunity, she soon accepted it to some degree. The weight of the trolley causes the rotting floor underneath her to break, falling into the floor below and disturbing a Bloater and several Runners. — Ellie to Joel upon reaching Salt Lake City. [13], Ellie showed difficulties in positioning herself as a young kid in an adults' eyes, and sometimes even tends to "supervise" adults. At one point, Joel states he is going to teach Ellie how to play the guitar and how to swim. Joel and Ellie finally reach the Fireflies; Joel discovers that, in order to create a vaccine, the Fireflies must kill Ellie during surgery to remove the mutant strain of the fungus from her brain. David offers to exchange supplies for a share of the meat from the deer that Ellie had tracked and killed. [55], However, her strength has limits and foes will break out of her grasp if she doesn't act quickly enough. Once acquainted with the two, Henry and Sam, they agree to chat at their safehouse. She arranges for a small team of Fireflies to meet the three at the Capitol building. She frequently remarks her amusement upon finding interesting collectibles throughout her trip, which often clashes with Joel's physical indifference. [13] According to game director Bruce Straley, Naughty Dog had no knowledge of Page's involvement in Beyond,[14] which was announced several months after The Last of Us. The Search For Abby, The Museum. After they are bitten by Infected, the two consider suicide, but choose to spend their final hours together. By The Last of Us Part II, Ellie has finally learned how to swim and play the acoustic guitar and sing. She asks Joel to "swear to me that everything that you said about the Fireflies is true." [47], In The Last of Us, a wounded Marlene tasks Joel with escorting Ellie to the Fireflies to help them develop a vaccine from her immunity. [12], Following the announcement of The Last of Us, comparisons were made between Ellie and actor Elliot Page. Riley tries to console her friend by telling her the two options they have to deal with their situation; they could commit suicide, or they could wait out the infection together and fight to stay alive with what time they have left. Occupation(s) After this encounter, Ellie trusts that Joel will not leave her, evidenced in how she waits with Callus while Joel searches the University. After the bandit attack, Tommy, seeing the relationship between the two, reconsiders and is willing to take Ellie to the Fireflies. The two eventually develop romantic feelings towards each other and share an intimate relationship.[59]. Ellie simply expresses more of her disgust at David and his obvious insanity as she hides behind the dining booths attempting to take the keys from him by subduing him with sneak attacks. Following Riley, the pair reach a place overlooking a battle between the military and the Fireflies. Ellie listens as Joel and Henry converse. David meets his demise when he was violently hacked on the head with a machete by Ellie after he attempts to strangle her. Riley recounts how she followed Trevor, a Firefly Ellie bit when they first met Marlene, and was ambushed and taken directly to Marlene, who allowed her to join her cause. Ellie goes with Tommy, her girlfriend Dina, and friend Jesse to Seattle, Washington to exact revenge. [58] Eurogamer's Oli Welsh felt the characters were developed with "real patience and skill". Before letting Ellie depart, Dina takes off her hamsa bracelet and ties it on Ellie's wrist, telling her it is for good luck. Riley tells her she does not want to be put into general population where people receive terrible jobs and little rations to survive. Ellie realizes she's been bitten, and Riley reveals her own bite on her left hand. [7], Sometime after returning to the school, Ellie and Riley parted ways after getting into an argument. Tommy tries to wrestle the gun out of Abby's hands, but Lev shoots Tommy through the leg, allowing Abby to knock him down and shoot him in the head. Ellie attacking a Clicker with her switchblade. Although they crash, they escape thanks to Joel killing some of the attackers.[22]. Ellie's flashes of Joel in those final moments are pointed, as is the last flashback--to a moment that combines the pain and anger Ellie felt toward Joel with the beginning of healing. She gladly accepts, the pair trying to toss blueberries into their mouths while doing so. [21] Hopping in the back, the pair signal Ellie to keep driving, since more Infected are on the way. Since selling out last September, we’ve been working closely with the teams at PlayStation to make more The Last of Us Part II Ellie … [28] Gross considered the game's final shot, wherein Ellie leaves behind the guitar that Joel gave her, represented Ellie moving on from his death to a new chapter. Following this, she makes her way through flooded city streets, eventually reaching the hospital. He asks Ellie if she would like to hear something, and she says yes. Ellie spent months tracking Abby, unable to forgive her, only to save her and Lev from the Rattler gang. However, they trigger a mine while hopping over barbed wire, which cripples Shimmer and topples the pair from the horse. [20] Left Behind sees Riley's behavior change Ellie, resulting in the latter's focus to fight in order to save those close to her. The girl finally calls Ellie by her given name, asking her not to make her regret bringing her along. Dina initially protests that Ellie should wait until Jesse can go with her, but Ellie is determined to go lest they lose the lead. She tells them about Abby's whereabouts, still shaken from what she did to Nora. She finds Jesse watching Dina sleep on a couch in the lobby. The pair then discussed the idea of an afterlife, both reluctantly admitting they don't believe in it. Hair color Having finished dancing, Dina approaches Ellie and Jesse, taking a swig of Ellie's drink and dragging her onto the dance floor. Ellie and Maria first meet when Ellie and Joel attempt to push open a gate. She does not show any other significant reactions to her bite. Although Ellie insists she's staying with Marlene, the Firefly refuses, hoping that Joel will live up to Tommy's recommendation.[14]. The remaining audio elements were recorded later in a studio. In the morning, Ellie was attacked by an infected Sam, saved by Henry though expressed her guilt of surviving over Sam due to her immunity to Joel several months later. Joel makes to leave, but Ellie stops him as he reaches the door, asking if he remembered the joke. Ellie proceeds to run through an overgrown park, but is soon shot in the shoulder with an arrow. Ellie finds an empty gas can in a flooded parking garage, and after killing some Stalkers, fills it up from gas taken from a truck. She considered Henry (and by extension Henry's brother, Sam) allies and always managed to persuade Joel to trust them. After a brief argument, Joel asks Bill for a car. Riley and Ellie fooling around in the photo booth. Despite this infection the Infected do not recognize her as one of their own so they still attempt to kill her. Owen seizes the opportunity to wrestle the gun from Ellie's hands, but Ellie decks him and shoots him through the lung. Praying to herself that Tommy and Joel are okay, Ellie sneaks her way inside the lodge, hearing noises downstairs. Throughout the game, Joel has made several comparisons between Sarah and Ellie. Joel starts to tell Ellie about a joke Tommy told him that he thought she would like, but he can't remember it. Riley Abel is the first to befriend and trust Ellie after her arrival to the Boston military zone. Suddenly, she is knocked out as she is kicked across the face. She spares them and warns them to leave Seattle. A returning James overhears the conversation and holds Ellie at gunpoint, but David demands Ellie be given the medicine and set loose, and James reluctantly complies. Ellie returns to the theater, traumatized and covered in blood. She was immediately cautious around him and his friend James. Ellie has been an integral part of the game where players experience the life in a pandemic through her story. The concept for Ellie began with an unused idea for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (2009). Ellie asks Nora for Abby's whereabouts again, offering the ultimatum of a swift death if Nora complies, or much more painful and drawn-out one if she defies her. wolf. Ellie feels guilty about this, but Joel ignores her comments about the issue. Ellie, riding Callus, attempts to get away from David's group and they begin tracking her which ultimately results in Callus getting shot and killed. Over the course of the excursion, the two begin to rekindle their friendship. Coincidentally, both were victims of the fungus and both had gotten infected while in her company. Ellie follows Riley to the stables; the girl explains to her how to behave around horses and tells her to make sure Winston takes her around the whole mall on Princess. First shown in the reveal trailer for “The Last of Us Part II” in late 2016, fans have speculated about Ellie’s tattoo for several years now. At some point, Ellie gets a tattoo of a moth covering the bite on her arm that she received in Boston years earlier. However, Ellie doesn't want to part with Joel, and steals one of Tommy's horses. With no other options, they fight their way out the back of the school, having to kill the strongest of the Infected - a Bloater - to do so.[8]. Becoming worried and impatient, Ellie makes her way through the hotel, going back down to try to find Joel. Eye color However in the sequel, Ellie's death animation will vary, ranging from neck breaking to jaw ripping. He enters, and nudges her chair with his foot to get her attention. To give us this ending is to simply say the whole story was for naught, what Joel did didnt matter, and that ultimately there is no hope in times like this. Ellie insists on continuing to the aquarium and that Tommy can look after himself, making it apparent that Abby is still her priority. Race 85 Ellie (The Last of Us) HD Wallpapers and Background Images. As an NPC, Ellie is effective as a partner, since she can spot and warn Joel about nearby enemies. Ellie chides him for doing so and later does likewise to him while they pair are watching a nearby deer. Ellie guns down an axe-wielding Seraphite. Joel's first impression of Ellie was that she was twelve, like Sarah. David proceeded to stalk her throughout the restaurant, taunting her creepily and expressing his disappointment that she did not accept his offer to join the group. Tommy asks if Ellie needed help getting on the horse, expressing some general consideration for her. They determined that she needed to appear young enough to make her relationship with Joel—who is in his 40s[10]—believable, but old enough to be credible as a resourceful teenager capable of surviving. Joel, after sharing a heartfelt moment with Ellie, tells her they can turn back now and return to Tommy's. Eventually they start making out. Riley leads Ellie through the mall up to the higher floors, evading close calls with the infected who catch up to them. When Ellie took out the toy robot that she gave him from her backpack she said "I should have said something different to you." David and Ellie then took refuge from the cold weather and David asked for Ellie's name. The strength and complexity of her character, and its subversion of the damsel in distress stereotype, have also been commended. For her performance in Part II, Johnson considered her own experiences with anxiety and researched the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder. David helped Ellie fight them off and complimented her skill with a rifle. The Last of Us: American Dreams The Last of Us The Last of Us: Left Behind The Last of Us: One Night Live The Last of Us Part II Weapon(s) used James weakens his grip on Ellie's left hand and David begins to observe his bite from Ellie. Physical Description The Last of Us: Part 2 was released on June 19 th, 2020, after multiple leaks and delays. Dina notices Ellie's cracked mask and attempts to give her own mask to Ellie but Ellie stops her from doing so. Confused, Ellie asks Riley what she intends on doing with her life. Recovering, Ellie jumps on the back of the infected and slits its throat. Ellie orders Mel to mark her map first, pointing her gun at her as she angrily lost her patience. She jumps onto the helicopter, and is relieved to find medicine, embracing the med kit, stating that she's not going to let Joel go. Ellie is the focal character in the The Last of Us franchise. Whether being selfish, or not wanting to lose another 'daughter' to the whim of another, Joel chose to save Ellie and try and start some semblance of a normal life again. Dina embraces Jesse and questions him about how and why he was in Seattle. Female Ellie is furious, but is later blindfolded and captured, with one of them shocked that Ellie was involved. Gender She is obsessed with things she collects from others, illustrated through her interest in music, movies, books, and video games. [43] One evening Joel visits Ellie's home, a converted garage in his backyard. Find out more about how Naughty Dog is ensuring that The Last of Us Part II can be enjoyed by as many players as possible. A moment later, Riley asks whether or not Ellie still has her Walkman. What happens after Abby and Ellie meet? Riley barely gets to ride for a moment before the carousel loses power. Joel and Tess meet Ellie for the first time. When Ellie refused, Tommy burst out in anger, enraged that Ellie would dare live a comfortable life and allow Abby to live despite what she had done to them, leaving their relationship on sour terms. [34] This results in her becoming a very hardened person; she uses violence without hesitation[35][36][37] and frequently swears. Upon meeting Joel, Ellie originally has a rocky relationship with him.

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