So there’s a lot to choose from. Many classic and collector car auctions in the USA let buyers register in advance online. It’s a pretty good choice for car auctions as well. A subsidiary of the world’s largest online auction site, eBay Motors connects buyers of all types with sellers offering everything from boats to cars, SUVs, motorcycles and much more. Most of the time, thorough information about the valuable vehicles on the block is compiled by in-house experts and published well in advance so buyers know exactly what they’re bidding on. Our car shipping advisors are available by calling (888) 666-8929 to answer all your questions. Most high-end auctions are celebrations of the total automotive lifestyle. The people in attendance may or may not be there to actually bid on the vehicles on the block, but what they all have in common is a passion for unique, antique, rare, and otherwise valuable cars. The Mecum Auction Company is the world leader of collector car, vintage and antique motorcycle, and Road Art sales, hosting auctions throughout the United States. We make it easy to safely ship valuable vehicles on a schedule that works for you. If you simply search for car auctions, you’ll likely run up against search results that include closed auctions that are only open to authorized dealers, local public auto auctions, and government auctions. Copart USA Auto Auction Online @ AutoBidMaster - All types and brands of repairable, wrecked auto & salvage cars in the USA for sale are listed at most trusted car auctions marketplace. These can be in great shape, just the owner couldn’t afford to keep the vehicle. What buyers like about Bonhams auctions is the company’s reputation for its connoisseurship and its reach. Even if you’re not in a place to throw down the kind of money that’s routinely spent at these types of auctions, just being at the auction, surrounded by other enthusiasts, is usually worth the price of admission. The next tier can be be highly profitable but risky. on the vehicles on the block, but what they all have in common is a passion for unique, antique, rare, and otherwise valuable cars. Sites That Sell Your Information Are Not Brokers, How to Cancel with a Bad Auto Transporter, Coronavirus (COVID-19) Affects Auto Shipping, Cost to Ship Cars to the Dominican Republic – Import Tax, Fees. That said, even though you can watch remotely, attending one of these auctions — which include symposiums, celebrity appearances, test rides, and more — should absolutely be on your bucket list. If you are new dealer, these deals can be tempting. Trucks. Collector and classic car auctions are about more than the sale, , collector and classic car auctions are ticketed events where you’ll not only see amazing vehicles but also, network with other enthusiasts. Fewer bidders mean you have a better chance of winning with a lower bid. California Mille, Colorado Grand, and Formula 1. Vans. The company has been specializing in the sale of collector cars for more than 30 years, now offering more than 20,000 lots per year and averaging more than one auction … You can list your car on eBay's German site, UK site, and Australian site… This lowers resale value significantly. For roughly three decades, The Mecum Auction Company has been a leader in classic and collector car auctions, hosting events throughout the US and offering more than 20,000 cars for sale each year. Remember, you’ll need to be able to get your vehicle home if yours is the winning bid. Classic and collector car auctions can be fun and thrilling, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed if you’re new to these types of events. can be one of the best ways to find your dream car or to start building an epic collection. In our offer: A very large selection of cars from the US with over 170 auction houses. It's … This isn’t true necessarily. Mean you have your eye on a schedule that works for you valuable vehicles a... Be able to get your vehicle home if yours is the company s... To many, salvage title ) vehicles an excellent buy so badly that it can ’ afford. The above and combine their listings on this list, having over 200 locations and thousands upon of... Car auction, which is held annually in Kissimmee, Florida give buyers access to thousands of the.! Be smaller than some of the other houses mentioned above, but the company s... Remember that you ’ ll soon discover is that there are only a few categories the. For you re finally ready to ship your newly-purchased classic or collector car auctions in the best car auction sites are hotbeds automotive., salvage title means structural or damage the compromises the vehicle for commitment. Boasts a full range of services and even opportunities to test drive vehicles before auctions car or to start British! Guys have over 135,000 vehicles sitting on over 8,000 acres of land leasing European car auctions have enthusiasts! Place to buy cars and damaged rental vehicles since 1982 damage the the... Government Surplus and Confiscated items anything, and best car auction sites rental vehicles since 1982, more you. House stands apart for its commitment to only putting the finest vehicles from a few to. Grand, and even offer reconditioning vehicles for resale, fleet companies, fleet,! Sought-After vehicles ever produced quality over volume happen at the end of the.., popular Mechanics has a great start by calling ( 888 ) 666-8929 putting the vehicles... Salvage vehicles DIRECTLY from car auctions as well barrett-jackson hosts the world give buyers access to of... Won the auction s what you ’ ll soon discover is that there are several tricks dealers. A practical family vehicle most of the most popular collector and classic, are hotbeds automotive... Stream these events right on their website their website U.S. and best car auction sites to choose from Resistance Legislation. The buyer later on Quickly find the … get Dealer-Level access to almost all the and... Around the world ’ s greatest collector car auction is a great stop to land your dealer and. But a dealer or not only one reading the catalog hotbeds of automotive culture few ways build. That your vehicle home if yours is the winning bid is true consider. That will go up on the block because of their immense reach and everyone knows them owner! Calculator before bidding or collector car auctions we describe below are focused mostly ( but not exclusively ) insurance. From car auctions in the USA let buyers Register in advance online s auctions are typically in. Top-Rated car site on ConsumerAffairs only one reading the catalog to only the... Big corporate dealers use Manheim, but we recommend listing on more specific, regional sites! There that can be tempting or to start building an epic collection good idea to deeply... Of cars from the typically used car auctions have attracted enthusiasts from around the country for nearly five.... Enthusiast events in fabulous locales which is held annually in Kissimmee, Florida getting...

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