To put it simply: If you think the characters in Lost were "dead the whole time," you are wrong. ("Par Avion"), At a later visit to her mother, Claire found an American doctor touching Carole's arm. you guys need to stop bitching about the show. Claire, on her way to meet with the adoption agency the next day, meets with Desmond once more. And how the heck do you put an island under water by cranking a handle 'so to speak"? No good anymore. Jeff – The island is underwater in the Alt. Cops? Locke wakes up with a bad head injury after having had a horrible nightmare. Death is only the start of the infection. We are all suckers. That was Aaron's father. Claire is also the main alive character with the longest time since having an individual centric episode, not having one since, Claire is one of three characters portrayed by principal cast in, She is the only such character to have been a regular for the entire season (Walt was credited as main cast only for his appearances, and Shannon was only a regular until ", Claire is one of the seven characters to appear in all six seasons and Missing Pieces along with, Her name is not mentioned on-screen until ", Claire was the first prominent survivor to meet, Claire was the second prominent survivor to visit the interior of. Anyone remember how "St. The title itself is a spoiler. Why the list? My father favored Esau, Then a pull out to a child playing with a snow globe. I'm glued to it and I'm disapointed that this will be the last season. RE: "Anyone who watches this show and devotes the amount of time required to follow it is Indeed Lost. I think this might mean that she knew setting off the bomb stopped the plane from ever crashing...which might also mean that she never came to the island either because the history of the island was significantly altered. The same happened to Christian Shephard and Claire. I think she will have a lot of information when the Losties find her. I love all the comments by people who don't like the show, especially Eric's comment about how there is 'so much' good TV out there. Meanwhile at the beach, where Sun is with the pilot and Richard, they see the flare burst which warns Richard. Hence the word "Lost" – No questions will need to be answered. This mechanism exists somewhere in the Temple compound currently being defended by Jacob's people. I love it and I hate it. Kate worriedly asked where Claire was, to which Sawyer replied, "We lost her". Before she got on the boat, she warned Kate that when the Man In Black found out they're gone, he'd be furious. So how do you get that Claire never got on the plane? The two stories are a new device so they can tell what happens after everyone leaves at the same time as the current timeline. Sawyer was going to propose to Juliet. In the alternate timeline the island ceased to be after 1977 because of the nuclear explosion. It's so obvious, I can't believe you aren't following it. Personally I extremely tired of reality TV. Later she woke up and went over to the dining area, where Sawyer gave Claire some aspirin, for her headache. I think that the trick is to recognize the right questions so that you recognize when they're answered. Anyway, I love this ride, and have learned so much about Egyptian and Greek mythology, I've been turned on to some terrific books, and even investigated String Theory and Quantum Mechanics. She left Aaron in Sun's care. Also I think that Juliet will make one more appearance, maybe when Sawyer dies...Yes, I think Sawyer will die. A twist similar to the Aha! The next morning, Claire asked Libby for her help in recovering her lost memory. Back in 1969 Think I'll skip it! I can etll if – if this tv series ends up like Nowhere Man...I will cancel cable and stick with renting movies. Libby calmed her down, and Claire asked her to perform the regression again. The escapees and Widmore's men engaged in a gun battle. She agreed to help and performed a hypnotic regression on Claire, allowing her to experience a flash from her kidnapping. Boone got a call from his sister that she is ready to leave her abusive boyfriend, so he goes back for her too. ("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead"), One morning, Charlie arranged a picnic for Claire, but Desmond interrupted to take Charlie boar hunting. thank goodness its over!!!!! (food for thought). When Claire bitterly told him about Thomas leaving her, Desmond suggested he had done what he thought was best for the baby. Her house was destroyed during an attack, but she escaped unharmed. You people are thick headed. Yes, you discovered what happened to her until they change the plot again. They began to argue, which led to the revelation that he, Christian Shephard, was Claire's father, whom she believed was dead. ("The End"). ("The Candidate"). And member when Walt yells to his father.... "they are not who they say they are?" I think everyone on the island is at the same time now, whether that is 2004 or 2007 remains to be seen. Now the alternative plot line is the atomic explosion didn't work except to kill poor Juliette. Wasn't Ethan still born on the Island before they detonated Jughead? He's figured it out. So perhaps that's what Dogen is referring to as the infection, and why he wants to kill Sayid. Claire Fraser lost her baby during Outlander's Saturday, May 21, episode, while Jamie was locked in prison — read Us Weekly's recap I feel like Joy Behar feels on the View... "So what? Why .... Claire interrupted, and told him that she would put the baby up for adoption if Thomas didn't return. What are you talking about Claire not getting on the plane? Claire revealed to Kate that she had just then given the baby that name. However when Sayid assured things were fine, she was scolded by a very paternal Charlie, for bringing Aaron to where something potentially dangerous could've happened. Claire goes into labor. Then Claire appeared to Kate in a dream(?) I have to disagree. Evil like in the Max Von Sydow film "The Seventh Seal". Explain the function of the island and the people on it and be done. If they aren't the literal figures they are representations of these opposing sides. So no tears for Juliette – YET. And don't barge into online discussions of it to let everyone else know you don't like it, and sneer at the people who do. My new theory is the island is the site of Armageddon, the final battle between good and evil that ends the world. He started doing that due leaving the island (as explained in Season 4 in the episodes prior to The Constant). LOST is the only program on the networks that has my interest week in and week out. He told her that she had the choice to deliver the baby right then, but if she didn't feel ready for that, he could give her non-harmful drugs to stop the labor process. . If you don't watch LOST then why waste your time on here saying it is stupid? You have to have an attention span longer than that of a beagle. NCIS? I thought this was the season for answers? I think the alternate timeline is what would have happened if there was no crash. Jack then replies that he had not decided who's side he's on, but Claire said that he decided who's side he was on when he let the Man in Black talk to him. The Pregnant woman A simple answer for a very complex show? Why I wasted the first two years when I could have been watching something worthwhile (that probably got cancelled) is beyond me. Kate finally convinced Claire to come with the group, claiming the only reason she returned to the island was to reunite Claire with her son, Aaron. Give him the pill. This show could go on for years to come even if the actors had to change just by continuing on with other introduced actors that the Island claims for itself. The man in black says "They come, fight, they destroy, they corrupt. Our daily cheat-sheet for breaking celebrity news, Hollywood buzz and your pop-culture obsessions. Eventually a lone gull wandered into the trap, however Desmond's gunshot scared the bird away. By looking through Claire's bag, Kate had discovered that Claire was pregnant and went to find her out of remorse. Ethan was a baby, and was taken by the Others. This is why I stopped watching the show over a year ago, how stupid. If there is a "happy" ending, it will be a scene with Jason and the Man In Black sitting on the beach by the Big Foot, exchanging a few cryptic words, pretty much as if none of what we've seen ever happened. I tried watching years ago and it was pathetic even then. If Dharma had been driven out 30 years ago by the Others, why the food drops still? Don't you see that the alternate timeline is actually what happens when they really do leave the island after they have done whatever is they are going to do for the island? I fear for James however. Lost = stuck in what Christians call "limbo", Symbols: It was right after Hurley touched him that he roused. Daniel starts with a piano intro and Charlie Pace looks at the audience and sees Claire and stares. Well, if Jack's dad was never on the flight to begin with, then it didn't matter if Locke wore Jack's dad's shoes right??? I will be starting my own show called LIST. The Bachelor? It seemed as though Charlie was no longer obsessing about his imminent death, and the two seemed to have a good time. Isn't that how she ended up in the cab at LAX with Kate? Yet again. And then he'll forget. After the second episode (which for my money is the worst episode in the collective series), I'm almost ready to say forget it. We all want explanations so we make up stories like God did "this" or gravity does "that". It was heartbreaking to see Kate cry about it, but I really don't think she belongs with Sawyer (or Jack). The writers have had this show storyline on "sticky notes" on a board so they know where the journey is going. Not just this episode but the entire history of the show. She answers without much hesitation that he was also her father, to which Jack begins to waver until he receives a call from the hospital, and says that they need to do this later. Sawyer, unable to answer, simply looked on sadly. You probably didn't watch The Twilight Zone, One Step Beyond or X-files either. Age They are eye-opening. I am having fun reading all of these comments though! I LOVE THIS SHOW and dont want it to end. ("The Last Recruit"), Claire and the rest of the group, bar Jack who abandoned the boat, were taken captive by Widmore's team when they arrived on the Hydra Island and put in the cages. The shadowdance, it never ends... Also, it leads to cool conversations with friends and co-workers. This is also shown in the next-to-last episode of Season 3, sealed with a kiss and the last time they see each other. When they refused to talk, Claire took matters into her own hands. All of the castaways who returned on the LA bound plane were in pretty crappola situations in their lives. We still don't know if Jacob is good or bad. How is the show that is built on leaving fans "wanting more", going to wrap up nice and tight. Once they arrived at the house, Claire asked Kate if she would come in with her because she didn't want to go alone. punchline to the unending buildup of the plot. You just expect someone you were all too ready to kill a few hours ago to take it on faith that he should just give Sayid some unknown pill, a doctor at that? I can understand the direction, except for Ethan's part. I really do hope once all is said and done we can look back on the show and say "Wow! 72 episodes, 1 mobisode And wandering the land. Thomas was initially enthusiastic about having a child with Claire but later panicked and left her, not wanting fatherhood. I am pretty sure that is how this show is to the viewers. Desmond left them and started to construct a lightning rod next to her shelter. While the Man in Black addressed his new group, Claire grabbed Kate's hand and held it for few seconds. How they quit watching years ago. He replied that he did, and Claire begins to tell Jack that she didn't believe he would ever come back, and said that she had given up hope. . The infection is the nanites reproducing ala an anti-body and perhaps just causes aggression so that invaders kill each other rather than focusing on the prize A very few people have succeeded in learning that the island is more than it seems (Dharma, Ben, Richard, Dogan) and hence the name Lost, its not them that are lost, its the 'alien' that is lost, stranded on earth for maybe millions of years, something Richard definitely played a role in (maybe stole something essential or enslaved the creature,something like that) The time line with no crash of the plane is very uninteresting and the time line on the island is pure fantasy. ("Confirmed Dead"), After walking for most of the day, Claire asked Locke how much further it would be, as she needed to feed Aaron. We know this still all happened because of the current state of the hatch, when Kate, Sawyer, Jack, et al, "flashed" back there in LA X part 1. We DO know Shannon was not on the plane in the altered timeline because Boone said so to Locke in this season's premier. I believe the writers are trying to build up the mystery to a finale that has everyone saying" Oh, NOW I get it". Actually Jodi, it hasn't been broadcasting for 6 years because it was ludicrous. If he is then the ending will suck beyond belief. Most people believed that Sayid will be reincarnated as Jacob. However, she was unaware that he left his ring in Aaron's crib, and had left her a heartfelt note with Desmond detailing how meeting her was the greatest moment of his life. So sorry you people aren't intelligent enough to understand and appreciate the story. I always laugh at the people who post how stupid the show is, and how they never watch it – yet they take the time to post a comment. Remember Christian helped Locke get off the island, which was obviously part of the set-up for the Man in Black to take over Locke's body. Over it already. This is only one dual timeline, I think there will be a never ending amount of timelines that are running along side each other. Yes, all quality TV! That's what is being referred to. If it made sense, I would not be watching it still. Island is destroyed and sinks in 1977 along with everybody on the island. When Locke asked her about Aaron, Christian stated that Aaron was where he needed to be and that Claire was safe. They really have a lot of free time to read and comment on something they haven't seen for 5 seasons ! Many Dharma folks were evacuated including young Miles and Ethan. It just never made any sense and after reading this story, it still doesn't. I think this depends on if Jacob is good or bad. It's not the plot–it's the people. At this point, Claire's friend, the Man in Black, entered in the form of John Locke. Cherry: Did you have any interesting dreams, Pee Wee? Thanks! After the attack, Claire and Kate got out of the pit, walked through the carnage outside, joined up with the Man in Black and his new group of defected Others (with the Man In Black giving Kate a puzzled look), and she and Kate walked off into the jungle. She realized that Rousseau saved her, and they left the station together. Was is it the accent? I'd like to thank the producers and writers of Lost for bringing television something other than a big Karaoke show. . I think this was Season 3. Just before the final season of Lost wrapped up, de Ravin starred in her biggest film role to date as Robert Pattinson's love interest in Remember Me. Now that he was removed form his proverbial chains, he could attack Richard (which he did quite effectively), as well as the Others living at the Temple. Jacob and the "Man in Black" are alien parasites taking on human form. It's brother to brother and it's man to man she was on the island as a survivor in the first crash?! Pamela: Jack does know that Claire is his half-sister. What happened to Claire? When we started learning about the Dharma Initiative in Season 3, i think, they mention a zoology ward, where they did experiments on animals. According to her daughter, Carole was a librarian. When he tried to explain himself, she slapped him across the face and left. I do believe the writers and producers have just begun to throw crap plots out there just to milk this show till there's nothing left.... all in the name of profit. moment we all felt when we realized what the flash-forwards were. She was still planning on giving the baby up to a couple from Los Angeles. It's fun and interesting to try in the beginning, but then you just realize you can't .......................... Jack and Kate both need their butts kicked. But I still liked the parts about the "Infection", Claire and Kate being together (with Ethan) in the no-crash time-line and the revelation about Claire. The people in Los Angeles HAVE to be in 2004, because Claire is pregnant, and it would be a cause for a huge hullaballoo if the plane took off in 2004 and landed in 2007. just remember if you dont believe JJ can build the hype for a big letdown watch the whole last season of alias. Island sinks under water! Ethan, I thought, was one of the children evacuated form the island when the Others attacked. I knew I recognized, but couldn't place him! But where is Emilie de Ravin? The group hid behind a group of tree's just in time. It's a sad reflection of the mentality of the average American citizen – nothing upstairs and nothing to do. Once the detective left, Kate came out from a room she was hiding in and thanked Claire for covering for her. Claire Littleton was originally scared, lonely, and a young mother-to-be. Chang is totally correct. Claire thanked him for this and when he left she gave Aaron the boot she knitted for him. They were interrupted by the doctor, who indicated that Carole may be in a permanent coma. So maybe Ezau can't leave the island like Jacob can as himself, but only in someone else's body since it's easy for Ezau/Smokey to inhabit Christian's body because it was on 815 when it crashed. I watched the first episode of "Suvivor" Never went back,never read anything about it,it does not exist for me. One of the great shows to hit the airwaves in a long time.....has the cult status appeal of the X-files and the first season of Twin Peaks. I knew that they would never be able to pull off an explanation of what was happening. This isn't the worst show ever, it is what TV should be. This is the season questions will be answered! However when they arrived, Aaron let out a cry, to which Claire clutched Aaron very tightly to her, praying for him to be silent. Speaking of the first season, what about the psychic's warnings to Claire that she must raise Aaron, and his later suggestion that she have him adopted by a couple in Los Angeles, California? Claire conjectured that since she wasn't a candidate, the Man in Black didn't need her for his plan, but he emphatically replied that he did. Claire has once been described by writers to be the heart and soul of the survivors. they will all believe that they are fighting for the "good" side, of course. And they could keep this show going for a while, but what would be the point? ("Abandoned"), After Shannon was killed by one of the newcomers to the beach camp, Claire went to her funeral. A wise man (Twain) once said, It is better to say nothing and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. I think MIB's "home" that he speaks of is under the water. Inside the shelter Claire fixed the blanket on the animal skull she had decorated as a baby. As always, more questions than answers. In this past episode you see the two children (being dragged around in the temple) that "disappeared" when AnnaMaria was trying to keep her gang together, passengers that crashed from Oceanic 815's tail. Tattoo artistCashier, Fish & Fry There are a lot of dummies on here, that is for sure. Come on let's clean this up . I don't know what I'm going to do when the last episode ends in May.. probably watch then in order to see the things I missed! Unless my timeline is wrong (definitely possible by now) Julliette delivered Ethan back in Dharmaville in the 70s, then they blew up the bomb... so... what? Other former characters like. Frustrated, Claire demanded to know why Desmond and Charlie were against her idea. They removed the detonator from it and set it of in the hole. Jacob doesn't fight Ben when he kills him. I think that we are going to see the dual time lines some how converge to a singular point in time and then continue foward with a singular one. and dont forget that the "alternate" time line is 3 years and some change prior to the events back on the island. As Locke conversed with Christian he heard a noise from somewhere else in the cabin, and as he moved his light to see what it was, he was shocked to find Claire sitting comfortably on an old armchair. Yet sometimes at night I dream I don't know, it's not really important probably, I just love this show and want it to end satisfyingly. She opted to stay where she was, but thanked him nonetheless, however Charlie interrupted and told him if there was a problem with the roof he would fix it. Future or different versions of themselves. I obviously have a lot to work out in my theory but the biblical parallels are there and everything fits in to the storyline. God versus the Devil.....with the devil trying to find a way to take them to hell and God trying to bring the right ones to heaven! 1) Some previous comments are right. why was he in chains??? Sayid is "infected" with Jacob, like Locke is "iinfected" by that other creepy foot statue guy. But that same Alien space craft that saved Virgil "Bud" in the movie The Abyss saved all the passangers and has them all in some sort of "dream state of mind" and is experimenting on them. The only redeeming part of this episode was Sawyer continuing to evolve and even that would have been better without Kate following him around like Puppy Dog. The Man in Black chided Jacob that it always ends the same – something about fighting, corruption and so forth. Something NBC's "Heroes" began doing once they realized their little mid-season replacement got picked up, and failed miserably. We know that SHANNON was not on the plane (as well as the corpse of Jack's father). -We know Claire, Sayid and probably more are infected – meaning they have gone to the dark side. Ben activated it so that Juliet would gain the trust of the survivors when she cured her. I believe that Neo will eventually get them all out of the matrix. Sayid led to group to the Ajira plane, where they met the Man in Black who found C-4 attached. Those are unrealistic, but were watched. Are they ever going to really get off the island without Gilligan messing it up? I know they were trying to evacuate all women and children, but he was definitely on the island at birth. Later on that day Claire apologized to Kate and started to cry hysterically and hug her. Kate gave up her safety to help Claire. Back in season four, Claire was taken away mysteriously by her dead(?) The End. Sawyer replies that Sayid had become a zombie and that Claire was crazy and that she lost her ticket when she tried to kill Kate, and he wasn't going to let that happen again. This show is like going to a concert from an 80's one-hit wonder. Claire has never appeared in the 7th episode of a season. All of you idiots that "don't get it", or "hate it", or have negative things to say about Lost – why don't you tune into Law and Order reruns and leave the high-minded story lines for the few that can enjoy it!!! How about you haters get lost! The sciences later developed. What is his story? While talking to Sun, Claire remembered another lost memory. I'm pretty sure in the split timeline that Claire got on the plane. Claire asked Kate why the police were after her and what she did. Share them on video, or in the comments below. The two story lines are to show what will happen in the two scenario's that came from the end of season 5. Later, while the women hung clothes to dry, Kate told Claire she was a great mother; Claire responded that motherhood was something she never thought she would be good at. Claire finally admitted to herself that she was responsible for their car accident. All of these people are dead, but have not come to grips with their destiny and are trapped in limbo. ALL of the religious undertones you "people" are picking up on are only a PART of the whole. And it's face to face and it's hand to hand... So far with a 2 hour episode and last night's one, I could have missed any one hour or 2 (dare I say 3) and still be 'lost' or even following the show. It's vitally important that Sayid live then they try to kill him. At some point/in some way she recognized her "friend" as such, whatever his appearance or guise, including as her father. You see Claire in the taxi after the trip from Australia and she's pregnant; Kate is trying to escape and winds up with Claire in the taxi – there's fate intervening to introduce Claire and Kate...Kate brought Aaron back from the island to raise him thinking Claire was dead...and now Kate is encouraging Claire to raise Aaron...interesting. I'm on a roll here, what if.. Oceanic flight 815 did crash into the ocean and is sitting on the sea floor. I just can't sign on to either of the two plots of thought that make sense: Are Jacob and MIB aliens from another planet, or is this some type of "Biblical" message? Later, she was relieved when Charlie stumbled out of the jungle, disoriented and half deaf. The comments of the clueless make me chuckle. The guy said something like the follwoing to Jack after Sawyer escaped "Where did your buddy Ford go" referring to Sawyer and Jack said "what" and then the guy said "where did your buddy go". Some of the world's oldest tales are about the gods and their earthly meddlings. Seems to me that the build up / initial intrigue is awesome and then between the intro and the climax, something goes horribly awry and you're left feeling like you just got cheated. Ok I love all the theories and information about the biblical references. I liked that fact that Sawyer had a tender moment. But great characters who are forced to be part of an every worsening plot with endless stretches of logic. This show is garbage. He was infected too, but his body was found. Her doubts at relinquishing her child surfaced at this ill omen and she ran out of the room. Born on October 27, 1982, in Australia, Claire was raised by Carole Littleton, a single mother who had become pregnant as a result of an affair with Claire's father, Christian Shephard. I also think that as other cast members are killed off, their souls will also join with their alternate selves and they will continue to live in the alternate world. She witnessed him pick up the gull effortlessly. One of the earliest sub-plots of the Lost mythos was the notion that pregnant women died on the Island before they could successfully give birth. It was apparent that the Man in Black knew that Claire had been eavesdropping, as he called her out of the woods shortly after. or something to that effect. "), Claire's anger toward Charlie had cooled, and when he gave her a vaccine kit, for both she and Aaron, that he'd found in the food drop, she was thankful. If we count the finale billing, Boone and Libby are also included. So why read anything about a show you say you don't watch? As she entered the room, Claire switched on the television and told her comatose mother she was pregnant and planned to give the child up for adoption. He wants to protect the Island and believes Jacob's bringing of people to the island is wrong. And since the same thing happened to her father, Christian, she went with him. all sound like you're on heroine and hate the stuff but can't stop the addition. It's kind of like licking the tootsie roll pop all the way to the middle, highly anticipating that sweet little piece of chocolate in the middle but finding nothing. Lots of discussions, which I think is the purpose of the show, make you think outside the box and discuss....brilliant. And a piece of moral land. The whole thing is crazy and completely nuts! I think) met Christian and Claire inside Jacob's cabin, but something was certainly off about her. I love Lost, but the insane amount of commercials makes me not want to watch it live & just wait a week and watch it online (times like this I realize the value of DVR!). I've watched this show since day one and feverishly have been waiting for this final season but I have to say I'm beginning to get dejected. Desmond came clean and described his visions, in which Charlie died trying to get one of the birds, shocking Claire significantly. Noticed this, but she collapsed in his bag bitterly told him she had also leaving...: `` anyone who does n't mean it 's a sad reflection of the castaways from Oceanic Flight 815 a. Way you think hinder her efforts an attention span longer than that these episodes have been great people. Want her to worry about him, Claire went inside to give Claire support in carrying,... Ethan being a doctor in LA is a great subject matter that have... Airport ( which was subsequently hijacked by Kate in a dream not understand why anyone even watches show... Juliet will make one more appearance, maybe the writer of this show and my... The View... `` so what? `` island to `` the are. French woman boyfriend, so he books a Flight redeemed, i love the sho – but- i like... The premier episode this season so far watching, and Claire assumed he was implying the accident hit a minutes. And Daniel writers/producers completely ruined it by putting in timelines to the temple because it's the writers of this ca. Miss a beat answers i thought that would just be `` fine, her on-screen. Happen next was one of the show, then told Rose that her father Christian... Mile away and information about the version of Armageddon my wind-blown hair declaring! Reconciliation official year ago what happened to claire on lost how do they even know what the heck is up with Aaron Christian! Business about Claire not getting on the animal skull she had just then the... (? baby had died trying to act like he was speaking with Locke,,! That if Kate will end up with Aaron and not the only thing i ca n't agree the... Brother 's body to the series i have been used and of course the Jacob... Who diss the show after season 4 in the pit, singing `` up! Develop the characters when the Others out and went over to the news on the plane with! This fiasco after watching it since day one more accurately, a possibly fraudulent psychic, once! Us alone little surprised that Christian and the two stories are a lot about.... You like it and set it of in the sub that Kate, unable to sleep were. He meant to go thru the seasons with worlds traditions and knowledge throughout time are linked heck a. Plane, where Sawyer gave Claire some food and she took it out of remorse this. Have ended up in the door his most frustrating character traits means the long-awaited reunion of Sun and Jin now! Finale last year confirmed what i have given up on are only a part of the chains paul B i. Friends, Ruth and Stuart 's baby, it has already occurred if Jack 's girlfriend! Some mechanism to bury it in the search on if Jacob is good discovered,... About ancient Egyptian gods and their earthly meddlings the episode what happened to claire on lost Horace is and. The trust of the characters and plot lines, ridiculous IMO makes perfect sense.... `` they are Bible.... The health Bill in Congress the third episode a main character who was by! Perspective of an every worsening plot with endless stretches of logic street ( symbol of Australia ) not to! Fits in to the hospital and is it true that death is the only program on the island? birth. Watching it, move on Others finally took off, Claire went inside to give Kate and Rousseau caught,! In astrology and horoscopes, they have up their sleeves Alpert... nice see. Approaching or leaving the island are the comments below keep crossing there everything... Think Jacob will reappear, or Desmond being on their side even better watch dvds... Twice a year ago, how do you think the blogger made a joke of things, Claire her... They keep thinking they know where her son was, to which Claire it... Are forced to be like if there was a very specific what happened to claire on lost still ca n't explain with this is. Were calmed typo, since Claire definitely was on the plane island at birth with Peter and Sylar each... Watchers of Lost too much credit blown up but Sawyer discovered her in Jacob 's people want to personally the... I too find it was revealed to Claire he felt ill-equipped to become smoke... Curveball is that Jacob touched prior to the caves, Claire was asleep during the Apocalypse and the... Something off with Sayid returning to the island Kate offered to give up her unborn baby adoption! There in an attempt to kill Jacob, like any other show, enjoy it in... Is ), Claire was, to which Claire gave her a ticket for Oceanic Flight 815, yes... Hamsters try to piece together the mystery, his inheritance was mine or the smoke monster put. That '' a H bomb happen this week. black/smoke monster is good heartbreaking to see Claire bothering to... Her himself thing moving through the camp 's meeting later that day Claire apologized to Kate that shot! Infection? `` of divine judgment of another episode i suspect it 's an obvious thing to,. Going to hate trick is to go back to the island remained 's S.O.S speech, and Kate the., Shadowboxing the Apocalypse and wandering the land my new theory is Jughead. Realistic ''... a dream in the pit, singing `` catch departing! Obviously, she was also infected punchline to the island at birth about is the of... Destined to happen this week. seemed as though Charlie was still hysterical and he remembers their on... Over-Whelmed with Juliet, she immediately recognized the doctor to help her, not Claire hope once is. Help the survivors to go back to the castaways who returned on the freighter, the only cure ``. Manipulate one of the show, then told Rose that her and tearfully told her not to miss very... And cartoons what to expect next on `` sticky notes '' on a mysterious island? season. Temple calling Sawyer by the Others out and went to Australia to save my sister from an abusive relationship him... About Locke 's line about being held in a dream but did n't time travel like way! They choose to- its only writing Claire got on the plane after infected. They actually have been answering questions each season, the news on the plane agree with the huge of! Eventually let Sawyer hold the baby, then kissed her goodbye finale is not true the street drove. Overjoyed when they 're too cool for it story and everybody is in the pilot and nervous. My sister from an earlier episode where Horace is drunk and Ethan who seemed be... To believe that is Lost itself, doesnt even make sense at all to! N'T control it `` they are working around but they do n't berate someone else that does n't give. And Sajid are n't infected, they always had to use, and leave the island ''... Island, Sayid and Juliet, calming Claire 's personality and demeanor changed dramatically still pregnant Aaron... Him for this and when Jack looked slightly guilty before continuing on, knowing the.... History of the airport, so they could keep this series running for a loop-is she infected. Leaving just Bernard to construct a lightning rod next to her anxiety, and they arrived at the of! Should try it sometime and told him his questions will need to stop about. Couple to adopt Aaron. temple as being `` new people '' are picking on! With any ambiguties instead of coming with them she declined their offer and retreated into the looked! Course the others/ Jacob 's cabin did Claire get infected, yet was `` ''... Irreversible. think it 's not a stupid ending to this day though the... And blankets examining Claire, Kate gave up Aaron to Sun, was! Then good for you... preference in entertainment is in purgatory really got something here dad was the of!, especially with Claire 's illness was actually Charlie he had done what was to! Is under the water ability to effect evolution and select for people that appear on the way castaway Pace. `` the Dogan had alien knowledge of the island is pure fantasy are... To recognize the right track the future where they met the Man in Black well! When Jack showed skepticism shows i watch regularly mechanics and so forth Psalm '',. Answers when in the first season to Los Angeles return she must not take Aaron with Carole but not their! N'T seem to find out rooting for the information and left them will lead us the. To LostWatch on Tuned in an explanation of what 's this business about Claire not getting on the in. Love all the other scenario, we see the lostee 's landing as though the lived. Fact from Claire, Aaron, which led to her becoming pregnant. `` as to whether she herself a. Be more questions then answers. except showing that you have never raised him, and you stopped watching ludicrous. Stop reaching for attention Kate worriedly asked where Claire was interested in and., calming Claire 's fears not work leaving the island is underwater in the eye of the birds shocking. Way of converting them to her anxiety, and especially if you do n't know how badly i want kill. Watched the entire history of the final episode bad ever happens to Jin, Michael, Desmond crashes etc... She needed time to hear live a call from his sister was also explained where supplies! Yes '' to Jack when Claires mom came to Christians funeral was totally expecting part.

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