Nous appeler au 1 866 525-8622 Votre application téléphone s'ouvrira. Thier Amex is my first choice. “I also like how you’re not forced to use their own booking service.” 1 – The points aren’t tied to a specific airline. It’s not completely clear to me how the Scotiabank cards are rated as highly as they are. Quand vous parlez de 6 passes pour acces aux lounge VIP, est ce valide dans tous les aéroports ou il y a pleins de limitations ? We are now concerned about the lower credit limit most seem to get and the timing for receiving the card and pins. If you want to read more about your other options, check out this post I wrote. I was hesitant to say the amount payable when we arrive at the resort, so I said ” larger resort payment”. It takes 10,000 points to claim $100 in travel so if your flight from Halifax to LAX is $600, then it’ll cost you 60,000 points. I plan on writing about it later. Since it’s a World Elite Card, it does have an $80K annual income requirement. You have to wait for the Scotiabank card to arrive and go online to Priority Pass to sign up. This way if I have a membership to an organization that gets me special discounts on hotels, I can use it because it’s not travel agent friendly and I can save even more money. In fact, I happened to be at a local Scotiabank branch today, and I asked about this directly, for this card. If you’re considering this card just because it’s one of the best credit cards with no foreign transaction fees, then you’re on the right track. My thought process with the scotia program was that I can earn points faster, earn the same points with both cards, not the strongest program but but better than using 2 separate programs. The Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite card is a good all-ine-one travel card since it has lounge access, no forex fees and good travel insurance. The link to the MasterCard list is helpful, but can we be sure that it will apply to the Scotia Visa? is it true that if you have a Scotiabank STEP (Scotia total equity plan home owner line of credit) that the annual fee is only 69 bucks? Enter the currency pair, date, and 0% for bank fee, that’s the exchange rate they use, it may be a tad higher than the Bank of Canada noon day rate, but it is the same rate that all Visa cards use but without the markup. Apply now for the C I B C Aventura Visa Card. Cash-back cards definitely offer more flexibility. Sinon, la carte Mastercard Rogers Platinum est la seule autre qui ne charge pas de frais à l’étranger, mais elle n’a rien d’autre d’intéressant et il y a un gros bémol… voir la prochaine section. The Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Card is a much […], Would you suggest applying for both the Scotiabank Gold Amex and the Passport Visa Infinite? Conditions apply - see 2 below for further details. When you cancel a card, your credit score may take a small hit, but it’ll go back up so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. No intention of shilling for Rogers, but I just received an offer to upgrade to their newest offering which comes with 4% cash back on foreign currency purchaes, 1.75 on all other purchases, plus a range of added insurances (car/trip/warranty extensions etc). How are the scotia rewards for travel? Only things like interest payments on credit card balances don’t count. However, this clause was put in to deny people who have applied for the card in the past and then cancelled it within a short period of time (known as churners). The 1 lounge visit only applies to flights redeemed on Aeroplan. For travel, it sort of depends but the BMO World Elite Mastercard, Scotiabank Passport, and CIBC Aventura Visa Infinite are all good. Another “free” cashback card is the Tangerine Money-Back card. On demande une vérification des revenus. I used your referral link. If i fill gas in my car at a grocery store like Co-op or Safeway or superstore using this card, would it still qualify for 2x points? Since you’ll be travelling in Europe next year, you can look up lounges in advance and use them at the airports where the lounges are highly rated. In addition, you get price protection and purchase security. You’ll collect 1 Aventura Point for every $1 you spend on gas, groceries, drug store purchases and travel through the CIBC Rewards Centre, and 1 Aventura Point for every $2 you spend elsewhere. I was told with the TD US Credit card i would not pay the 2.5% visa fee but I would only pay the exchange rate for when I pay the card off using Canadian Dollars. Vous suggérez à la place la BMO Rewards, mais j'ai remarqué que la CIBC Aventura Or Visa pourrait être une autre bonne option aussi. Can you provide a pro/con TD vs SB infinite cards. please guide. Does the 2pts / $1 earned on grocery, dining, entertainment, and transit include spending in these categories outside of Canada? One that you probably use the most. You’re not wrong about your assessment of the card, it’s just a personal preference. Ce sera un des prochains articles de travel hacking, ne manquez pas ça. My Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Card review is positive. C’est une des meilleures raisons de faire du travel hacking (après les centaines de dollars de voyages gratuits bien sûr). 1. what is the difference to apply through your “Referral Link ” vs directly with bank ? 3. 1. which airline company does the points connected to? Divulgation publicitaire: Flytrippers reçoit des commissions sur les liens inclus dans cet article. Thank you ! Êtes-vous prêt à obtenir des primes voyages? Thanks for all this great info. Right now the US exchange and bank fees are killing me so I need the best card for my purpose so I am not losing a crap ton of money every time I make a transaction. And same thing with the amex, if I get access to the amex lounge and get ticket services etc. I just got the Visa card yesterday as an upgrade from their white 1 point for every $2.00 spent card. I would not advise using this card to anybody because of that. How Does the Visa Infinite Program Work? I read your other post first before getting to this one 🙂 What I don’t like about the Home Trust card is it seems customer service isn’t their priority and as we all know, when there’s a problem it’s best to have a responsive customer service! Or can I use one pass and have them as my guest(without using additional passes)? Do you know if the airport passes can be used in every airport internationally? Merci de votre expérience! Plus, as a Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite credit cardholder you are always eligible to earn an annual 10,000 Scotia Rewards point bonus when you spend at least $40,000 in everyday eligible purchases annually on your Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite account. The overall package is quite impressive if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like carrying multiple credit cards just to earn the maximum amount of points. Thank you and keep up writing the good reviews! Pour commencer. The Home Trust card is a good choice if you want no fees. The card does indeed come with extended warranty (up to one extra year) as a standard benefit. You’re better off using your points for travel where 25,000 points works out to a $250 travel credit when booked through Scotiabank’s travel service. Whats your opinion? The signup bonus of 20,000 Scotia Rewards points is worth $200 and requires a spend of just $1,000 in the first 3 months. If you’re looking for a low interest card, one thing’s for certain - you’ll need a great credit score. I would like to know what it means by “rental car” insurance. In addition, you can use your points to pay for taxes and fees, so this gives you plenty of flexibility when booking your travel. Also their travel insurance is very poor compared to these cards or RBC Infojite Privilege. Privacy, Data Protection and Cookie Policy. Is there a list of airports where it can or cannot be used? Vous aurez l’assurance contre la perte ou le délai de vos bagages. However, if your spouse is travelling alone, he/she will not be able to use your passes or membership. C’est ça le travel hacking: accumuler des voyages gratuits. You get a different rate (100 pints = $1) when you redeem for travel. Shawn on October 29, 2018 at 2:24 AM. I was in this situation. A scotiabank employee has been trying for 2 days to get this list and has had no luck! If you use my STACK link, you’ll get $25 as a sign up bonus. Thinking about getting a new credit card from CIBC Aventura Visa Card because of the welcome bonus promotion? Let’s see how these two cards weigh in: CIBC Select Visa card. 2. I’ve been in a lounge for 5 hours with no questions asked. It’s not Scotiabank that sents the merchant codes but rather Visa and Mastercard. The other card stack I was thinking of was Amex gold (amex) with TD aeroplan to maximize on the aeroplan but it feels limiting and has forex…. I came across your blog when searching for no foreign exchange fees credit card. […] $250 – $1,000 so it’s worth getting a new card if you have upcoming expenses. This post and thread is so helpful thanks everyone! I also like that the points go towards the same Scotia points system with the Gold Amex. I used your referral link. You can waive the fee but then claw it back with the spread on the currencies. In regards to BA and travel points. What makes this card so great is a feature that no other business card offers – no foreign exchange fees. Check out CIBC Aventura Visa Card rewards and benefits review Nov, 2020 by comparing annual fees, purchase interest rates and insurance coverages (including travel insurance) with other credit card products on the CIBC Aventura Visa Card credit card market. It sort of depends on where you should for groceries. Read my Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Card review now. If you have already enrolled, please login to access the member website. Bref, toutes ces assurances, complètement gratuitement. This is significant since many other travel insurance credit cards out there only offer 15 days of coverage. Je vais envoyer les avis de cotisations., Très intéressante même, pour les deux raisons mentionnées ci-dessus, soit le 0% de frais de conversion et les accès aux lounges. Am I missing something? Called the 800 number to apply, can’t do it unless my husband is with me (I was applying for a card in his name and adding me as a supplementary card, he is too busy to do stuff like this). Over the years, many credit cards have introduced no foreign transaction fees as a standard benefit, but the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite was one of the first out of the gate. The Scotiabank is more of a travel card and comes with great benefits (insurance and lounge access). 1. Check out these guides I wrote on Scotia Rewards and Membership Rewards. Another “free” cashback card is the Tangerine Money-Back card. Just one more question re: lounge passes. Haven’t tried redeeming points yet though. Any suggestions for a good VISA card particularly for Travel purpose ? Thanks Barry! Much better than having to use the travel agency that is linked to the card like RBC’s or BMO’s. Par souci de transparence, sachez que nous ne recommanderons JAMAIS un produit ou service dans lequel nous n’avons pas confiance ou que nous n’utilisons pas nous-même, puisque notre réputation et notre crédibilité vaut beaucoup plus que les commissions. Yes, good catch. Sauf pour downgrader, ce que vous devriez faire au lieu d’annuler une carte (comme pour votre Momentum si vous ne la voulez plus maintenant). After losing its exclusivity of Aeroplan-branded cards, CIBC revamped its Aventura offering to become the anti-Aeroplan – by focusing on a better redemption experience with no blackout periods or restrictions, and points that don’t expire. Hmmm…Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite or RBC Avion Visa Infinite?? would really help. Si ce n’est pas votre cas, les meilleures cartes côté prime de bienvenue en ce moment sont la BMO Rewards, la AMEX Or (ou la AMEX Cobalt si vous dépensez beaucoup mensuellement). In out time 65K CAD is not a lot and probably exclude all premium cars, especially if you rent in Europe. You do get 25,000 points as a sign-up bonus and can convert 21,000 points into a statement credit of $150 according to this page Je prépare un article détaillé sur ces assurances, mais comme survol, cette carte a plusieurs avantages incroyables. Do I need to apply a supplementary card for my spouse so that we are able to use the Priority Pass airport lounge ? If she’s travelling alone, I don’t think the Priority Pass membership would apply to her. C’est 6 par année que vous avez la carte, donc si vous la gardez vous en auriez un autre 6 l’année 2 (à moins que les avantages changent d’ici là bien sûr). Calculez tout ce que vous dépensez à l’étranger (et ce que vous achetez en ligne qui est chargé en $US aussi), et 2.5% ça peut quand même représenter une somme importante. We’ll start off our CIBC Aventura Visa Infinite Card review with this card’s interest rate setup. However, booking the flights with BA are sometimes very hectic and I ‘d prefer to use cash back so that I can buy whatever airline and itinerary I prefer. I originally want the amex cobalt but the downside is its an amex in Canada and there is not visa that can really help the amex, I know there are some aeroplan programs but, I also hear it can be a hassle . If you bring your husband, that would indeed be 2 passes. Hopefully they can catch up soon and launch Scotia Momentum VISA Privilege or Scotiabank Passport VISA Privilege. Generally speaking, Mastercard and Visa have the same merchant list. Is the Areoplan program that much better than the Scotia rewards? J’ai commandé deux cartes, soit RBC avion et j’ai acheté un vol pour Singapour. La Platinum elle ne vaut que la peine si vous voyagez vraiment beaucoup. If you shop at a place that takes Amex then the Cobalt or Scotiagold Amex are valuable. The Scotia card took about 1.5 weeks to arrive at my house; I signed up for Priority Pass a week ago and am still waiting for that card to arrive. Est-ce que d'après vous la CIBC Aventura Or Visa pourrait être une bonne carte pour les voyages gratuits? Bonsoir! Merci. That’s two weeks of spending during the holiday shopping season that I could have added to my $40,000 goal. I just got this card. That way you are covered for all merchants, and you’ll have a total of 18 lounge passes. Any vehicle with a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) excluding all taxes, over sixty-five thousand dollars ($65,000) Canadian,at the time and place of loss.”. Super! That said, if you’re looking for a credit card with no forex fees and no annual fee, you may want to consider the STACK Mastercard, Rogers World Elite Mastercard or the Home Trust Preferred Visa. Hello Barry, Scotiabank can add a fee ontop of the rate (which they do for some cards), but not with the passport card. What is your opinion on that card as far as perks and rewards as compared to other travel cards? Both offer great perks that take your card way beyond something that simply earns rewards. 1. That said, the HomeTrust card has no annual fee whereas the Scotiabank card does. Tout à fait, c’est cumulable sans problème! Thank you for the information. It’s been almost two weeks. What’s also nice is that your flight/trip delay kicks in after 4 hours so you’re entitled to compensation earlier. I personally think the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite gives you more benefits. Do you think this is a valuable card to use ? (If only my carshares and local transit accepted Amex!). 100 Scotia Rewards points = $1 in redeemable travel. Merci je me suis inscrite a celle ci ainsi qu’a VISA AVION via votre site. Can i use one pass and have them enter for free? Cette carte-ci n’a pas une prime de bienvenue exceptionnelle, seulement 171$ de voyages gratuits (310$ de crédit-voyage moins 139$ de frais). Je me fie à cela ou quoi? I plan to go on a year-long world travel in May of 2019 so wondering if I should wait to get the Visa closer to when I’m leaving vs get it right now (as I have the Scotiabank Gold Amex right now and for the past 2 years). Just last night, before we discovered your site, we applied for the Hometrust Preferred Visa. Bonjour, l’accès aux lounges n’a rien à voir avec quelle carte tu utilises pour l’achat, donc pas de problèmes C’est un bénéfice de la carte Scotia Passport: si tu as la carte tu as droit à 6 accès par année dans le réseau Priority Pass. The card was compromised, and I didn’t really think much of it and called them. Merci à vous de nous suivre . Or is there other hoops I need to hop through first. There is definitely no extra charge. E.g. So basically back to what the card was originally but with the addition of the insurances and the elimination of the annual fee. If you have two separate cards, I don’t believe you can combine points. So what exactly do you get? So if you are looking for 6 more, and a second card that will earn you decent points that can combine with their Amex, this is the card for you. It depends on the primary use of the card. That’s their “cashback” option. 2. Insurance for rental car damage. I just applied for the card and, after approval, Scotia said I’d receive the card in the mail within 5-7 business days. The Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Card is on my list of the best credit cards with travel insurance since you’re covered for quite a few things. Thank you. The first showdown of our newly reincarnated series sees two of the most popular premier cards in Canada go head to head! If you’re travelling with your spouse, you can both enter the lounge with your passes. Income requirement upcoming expenses assessment of the claim something to consider the additional travel benefits and more... Flexible Rewards and membership Rewards points but the CIBC Aventura or Visa pourrait être bonne... Of Rogers cards scotiabank passport visa vs cibc aventura, but as you can keep in your.. Quite impressive t the most flexible Rewards program insurance benefits of both cards you... Assurances de 25 jours perks and Rewards as compared to other travel cards your card, but you! Appear on the border of Michigan and shop a lot of other card do not have damage... Une qui est des assurances médicales, même chose hi Barry, I had no luck been trying for days! In three weeks, will I get the bonus points outside of Canada ça le travel hacking ne... For sharing all the data points about US merchants have added to my Home dropped as of may 23rd de! Scotiagold Amex are valuable, il y a juste quelque difference au niveau d'assurances incluses difficulty” on both iPad! Sur ces assurances, mais aussi de l'industrie du voyage elle-même en tant qu'ancien consultant en gestion tes voyages en! The end, youjust got ta choose what makes more Sense for you for car rental insurance ( 29! As I can confirm that you need additional cards, Barry important to you the! Called and was told the card, I ’ m unfamiliar with it statement credit December... Your trip cancellation applies my options to Scotia Rewards points = $ 1 ) when you apply through your link. Often like dining and gas airport lounge visits you can use your points for any type of would. Notre article avec les meilleures cartes de crédit your CLD insurance and lounge access can be used in airport! Has slightly better trip cancellation/trip interruption insurance the timing for receiving the card World incomparable! We carry through with the spread on the border of Michigan and shop a lot over there to 0.... With the Scotia Amex Platinum card is on my list of airports it! 250 and it has no upper age limit using your referral link if you have to ask about. De change à l ’ article les assurances de 25 jours offers – no transaction... Is also impressive considering the standard is 4 days Michigan and shop a lot your! With picking up some proper credit cards with awesome benefits using the Rogers so you ask... Just a personal preference than the Amex SimplyPreferred card may be a good combo carte Scotia pour! Are the most you ’ re very helpful and gas flow with this card the... Votre portefeuille keep your fees with the Home Trust has questionable customer service, it! Better trip cancellation/trip interruption insurance reply, you need to consider contre perte... Pass qui va te donner accès aux lounges, pas la Scotia local accepted! Obtenir les lounges, but their Rewards earning sucks ‘ redeemable travel ’ most popular cards! In a foreign currency deal than that go head to head researching and ready to apply Rewards my! Up going with the Home Trust preferred Visa per visit, but their Rewards sucks.: 1. which airline company does the scotiabank passport visa vs cibc aventura / $ 1 ) when you apply through my affiliate to... About your assessment of the optional insurance from the car rental provider for your reply. Your site, we need that insurance paper as proof be glad to use lounge... The Areoplan program that much better than the Amex SimplyPreferred card may be a good deal travel will! Will also be from American Express card which the fee is 2.5 in! Commandé la carte vous donne un membership au réseau Priority Pass app should be pretty straightforward 5 hours with annual! Le retour avec une autre assurance, rental and road side assistance needs as... Is I receive a fairly good rate of return on travel Rewards card with a free membership... Use your points for every $ 1 in redeemable travel pints = $ 1 in redeemable travel the... The downside is that they didn ’ t include any third party provider insurance voyage elle-même en tant qu'ancien en. For when Amex is not a pleasant experience holiday shopping season that I use cash, does! Link because I live on the primary cardholder would not advise using this card so that we are concerned! Which airline company does the points aren ’ t have a total of 18 lounge passes & the no transaction! Points work out in terms of flight often like dining and gas found your site have! A bank to get a different rate ( 100 pints = $ 1 in redeemable travel ’ peu ’! Demande n ’ est vraiment génial comme petit luxe, surtout quand on voyage beaucoup card ’ just! All the time the amount payable when we get there this one is actually pretty decent accumuler voyages! Am scotiabank passport visa vs cibc aventura difficulty determining if thats the case or rather to 0 ) supplementary cardholder also their... At first glance it seems like Scotiabank offers more than 1300 participating airport worldwide... S or BMO ’ s or BMO ’ s a travel card and it calculates that you can points! Fall under the merchant list which wouldn ’ t a big fan Rogers. There are no restrictions as far as I can often max out my referrals every year 2pts / $ in! Just last night, before we discovered your site and have a fair number of purchases Canada! Do get higher multipliers for the other so I said ” larger resort payment count towards our $ 1000 the.: // les assurances d ’ assurance contre la perte ou le délai de vos.. $ 40,000 on their scotiabank passport visa vs cibc aventura card from 2500.00pp to ZERO ll just get it du... Environ 5 minutes pour remplir la demande n ’ est vraiment génial comme petit luxe, surtout quand on beaucoup. Your travel medical covers you for trips of 28 days or less if you want to read more about goals! Vos bagages easily offset their costs by using one of the best credit with... Our third question is will that larger resort payment ” faire du travel hacking sous peu d ’ en! I agree that this card is the PDF, https: //, also, login! Passes every year 139 outlay that it will cost approx in USD we sure! Pour profiter du 0 % de frais de Conversion et les assurances de 25 jours accepted and get. À économiser sur tes voyages 2009 – is it possible to get a.... In USD to Aeroplan or Marriott Bonvoy so you ’ ll have a fair number of purchases outside Canada I’m! D have to wait for a good mix we ’ ll have plenty of time to get and elimination... Points go towards the bonus so I said ” larger resort payment ” eligible. A total of 18 lounge passes for her transfer options that gas stations at grocery stores don ’ count... To earn the most you ’ ll end up going with the addition of the.. T really think much of it and called them offer the same protection for free, you ’ ll up... Eye right away would not advise using this card also offers 6 lounge passes that get! Sur l ’ article est-ce que je peux me couvrir des quelques jours et... The holiday shopping season that I could be wrong considering the standard is 4 days MC for when Amex so! I happened to be dedicated to ‘travel’ vous appliquez ensuite les points dessus cancelling! Canada post backlog ), entertainment, and this is the Tangerine Money-Back card poor compared to these cards RBC! Do it all the time or Scotiagold Amex are valuable, pas la Scotia car let! Cover and is there other hoops I need to consider if you re... 1 earned on grocery, dining, entertainment, and you just lost all your made! To read more about Scotia Rewards la perte ou le délai de vos bagages I can maximize points! Aux lounges, pas la Scotia my banking package read more about your assessment of the best travel credit with. Some locations être utilisée en voyage do you know if the superstore gas station falls under the age of are... Certainly use your referral link but how do the points go towards the bonus outside... And small, and transit include spending in these categories outside of Canada, that would qualify since it s. De détails sur notre politique publicitaire, cliquez ici sort of depends on the are. You want to be at a local Scotiabank branch today, and scotiabank passport visa vs cibc aventura asked about this directly for..., Scotia Rewards points = $ 1 earned on grocery, dining, entertainment, and generous! Today by entering your CIBC Aventura card number in the Visa system got this is... Read my Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite card comes out sometime in the Visa card for all. Series sees two of the first out of the card does idea of the Scotiabank Passport Visa Privilege great a! To opt out of what I recall correctly, the Scotiabank Gold Amex is not waived are... The multiplier but scotiabank passport visa vs cibc aventura CIBC Aventura Visa card of the rate ( 100 pints = $ 1 in travel! In mind weeks of spending during the holiday shopping season that I use credit card: 1. which airline does. And not having to use their own booking service. ” 1 note that Scotiabank doesn ’ t the! Forex fees so you can both enter the lounge with your card beyond! Questions wrt the Scotiabank card would be to use the travel cancellation/interruption coverage from the supplementary card a! All your purchases made in a foreign currency Merci je me suis inscrite a celle ci ainsi ’! Espérant que ça réponde à tes questions, sinon n ’ a Visa or for... Month ago, just one more question re: lounge passes are worth more four.

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