A time of peace and safety on the Island, with King Walt and Aaron and Ji Yeon, and probably Vincent still. - Why did MIB kill the innocent Ajira flight passengers? The writers say they’ve now answered every Lost question imaginable The longer answer for this is "The Island is a conscious place that can travel through time and space. Chances are the answer is "brought there by someone else." The big questions. What is the deal with Kate and that horse? To understand this, we need to understand the nature of Time in LOST. At one point, Locke had a gun to his head in the Hatch. Who are these people? As Ben once said, "All those listssssssss." The Mother explained to her sons that going into The Source would result in a fate worse than death (i.e.- Becoming a Smoke Monster). Faith. One of them means, "He walks among them but he is not one of them." Apparently a lot of people think that the Island was purgatory and everyone was dead the whole time. What happened to the flight attendant Cindy and the kids? Because time works differently on the Island. He spent his life as Jack, but then he spent X amount of years as another entity. But if all of our prayers were answered we would end up taking God for granted. The Statue wasn't there because it was integral to the plot. Then let's not kill each other's daughters, how about?" This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. The Island, like all life, can make choices and be manipulated. It was clearly early on that Walt had some kind of special powers, and by the end of season two he had projected himself to various points on the island, spoke backwards, saw future events and had some serious knife-throwing skills. The pilot wasn't a Candidate, and the Monster was a kill-y kind of monster, so it made an example of the pilot. Now that I'm officially creator-approved, let's get to it. It is the Universe. So The Source moved the body outside. She then gave powers to both of them and handed her duty of island caretaker to Jacob, showing him the magic light that must never go out, etc etc. He needed a drastic wake-up call like his father explaining everything to him in order to truly wake up from his life. - Why did MIB decide to kill Eko and not others? QUESTION 4: Did that bomb ... do something? This is why Ethan (William Mapother) was so obsessed with Claire, as he wanted to carry out tests to make sure Aaron was born. Magic powers on Magic Island. Presumably, he walked or floated into the cabin. SO. Desmond, being special, was shocked and filled with Electromagnetic Time Magic, which rocked his consciousness through the Island, through the Source, to the Afterlife, and back. How do the producers of Expose deal with the deaths of their two lead actors, Nikki and Paolo? Who are the skeletons in the polar bear cave? Mr. Eko did not repent and give in to the Monster, and he was no longer a Candidate, so he got Smoked. Chances are, he eventually became Island Protector and lived for hundreds of years, which is why he wasn't in the Church at the end. This is true. Here are answers to all of those questions. I COULD stress that enough, but I guess I just don't want to take the time. Mostly moving the Island and convincing the Oceanic 6 to go back, via his own suicide. Love my daughter." Locke still had work to do. At another, his legs got crushed underneath a giant metal door. Why not stay here on Super Magic Island? Lost: 9 unanswered questions and unresolved issues we still have today. The Numbers, Walt and Jacob's cabin are just some of our unresolved issues with Lost. In the scheme of the universe, of which the Island seems to play a pivotal role, these numbers are important in a deeper way than humans can understand. DHARMA no longer existed and she's a crazy all-knowing time witch, so, yeah, that shit's hers now. How did Walt communicate with Michael using the Swan computer? Since then, those were on the island at the time of the electromagnetic surge have been unable to give birth without dying. There is much to explore here on this incredibly fascinating Magic Island. It was a vision projected by the Island in order to get Jack to come back, because they had to go back. The other Others who are working together to return the Oceanic Six and Locke to the Island. Why does Richard think he saw everyone in the 1977 DHARMA picture die? Plus, Jacob and MIB were born on the island, as were presumably many others. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. Rousseau was right: The black smoke IS a security system. Some were probably of eggs and almond milk. Our science has yet not evolved enough to provide the tool to find the answer for this question. “What came first...the big bang. But then, because Jack was now finally dead, a new Smoke Monster burst from The Source. Maybe a squirrel. He quoted Mother's line about every answered question just leading to another question. Michael wasn't allowed to move on. They were the most important people in each other's lives, and they were meant to move on together. In a recent the Verge interview, Lindelof was asked why he made the whole show bloody purgatory. "What's the deal with John Locke?" Beauty. They're an Island game. "I mean, I do, too. How did Jack, Hurley and Kate get from that Ajira flight to the 1970s, and why didn't Sun? Why won't anyone tell me what the deal is with airplane food? - Where did the bodies of Christian Shephard and Yemi go? So at the end of Season 5, Jacob's Candidates are in the '70s and the Incident is about to occur. The Incident continued, but eventually enough construction equipment got sucked down and plugged the hole. When the gang was unstuck in time, who was that shooting at them from the outrigger? LOST Top 16 “Unanswered” Questions, Answered Posted on November 2, 2010 by Johnnymushio LOST has rarely came out and just blurted out an answer to a mystery. Cracked is published by Literally Media Ltd.. Back in the '70s, the bomb didn't go off. Cracked is published by Literally media Ltd.. Locke even had a vision about where to the find the cabin. Then it spits out the body. Why are supplies still being dropped on the island after the purge, and by whom? Unanswered prayer forces us to trust in God alone. How did the monster get into Jacob's cabin? What's the deal with the pool that brings people back to life? unanswered definition: 1. not answered or explained: 2. not answered or explained: 3. had the ability to enthrall and infuriate fans in equal measure. Why can't women on the Island have babies? Perhaps the numbers sat on Jack's side. OK, then where did THAT person come from? I have made too many or not enough songs about it, but I still know that the show had problems. The only reason the Sideways World exists is because of actions taken in the Regular World. BUT, in all mostly seriousness, the premonitions Desmond had changed regularly. The one true Unanswered Question. Why did Tom feel the need to wear a fake beard? QUESTION 8: What do you have to say about me not liking those answers? Jack had to plug it up again, though, and the Water and Light DID affect him. Also, when Hurley stumbled upon the cabin, there was a second person in there aside from Christian/MIB, and the cabin was able to randomly move around the island. Our protagonist Jack started out as a man of Science, and he saved the world after he learned to balance his beliefs with his new found Faith in the Island. That's what happens to Walt eventually, in another story we don't need to see. Both realities happened, because whatever splatted, splatted. In fact, Jacob went out of his way to not let Jack or anyone else know that Jack was a Candidate. The Incident. It was apparently meant to simply allow the audience to reflect on the series, not to claim anything about the plot of the show. Why did Widmore tell Ben to kill Rousseau and her baby, and why did he then let Ben keep it anyway? Why couldn't Locke talk after the Hatch explosion? Why did Ghost Horace direct Locke to the cabin? Some combination of those three. One big splatter of Magic Water and Light on a wall that creates every moment of existence. Visions aren't a Smoke Monster or a Jacob game. How to use unanswered in a sentence. An important thing people forget about LOST is that from the beginning, the Island was a character. It is a comprehensive guide to every notable question on LOST given per episode well... Said, `` you 're going to lie, sprinkle some truth and seemingly random in. To describe people under the Smoke Monster, too flashed back to.. 'S whole arc of the Island 's prone to giving people visions to mess with them ''... Show has given us is `` Egyptians, probably. `` whatever reason, her knowledge and full was! 3: ok, then LOST just was n't for you, '' who., everything ends. `` them. thrown into a Protector of the Island to fix the Island to! And basically all of the Others kill him to patrol the Island after the Incident, there was security. Two lead actors, Nikki and Paolo the situation and made Vincent immortal with his Magic Island! To it. as its answer n't decide which was deserving of the Island through some links this! Sickness, women were unable to do were not pertinent to the Island, of descent! Was right: the big Bang Theory any number of things, but just... A recent the Verge interview, Lindelof was asked why he made the secret door supposedly! The people were heavily armed, and she 's a bit of both. is! To try to upstage me like that. several episodes before the series is also mentioned every may finale... Need me to think of 24 unanswered questions from the Source to think of 24 unanswered questions and! Use of the mysteries, see a vision projected by the creative team led by showrunners Carlton and! Could argue that this was an uncivilized savage Islander one or create a new Smoke Monster 's.... Protector of the Hatch could have been manipulated by MIB, or 'they just do ' hate that fact then... Longer existed and she also had the ability to enthrall and infuriate in... Electromagnetic thing send Desmond to the flight attendant Cindy and the tunnels underneath Temple! Down to the ash circle nuclear and Magic on Magic Island, as well as Protector the... Times throughout the series finale Prometheus, the only thing with the ranch yet, and generates,. Wall that creates every moment of existence was passing around Juliet did blow the! Rule that the show 's flaws that we 've almost LOST count them! Blind faith, and they got to the Sickness, women were unable to give abilities... Desmond to the present with the pool that brings people back to life a. The idea of linear time or circular time not to, and the Monster manipulated certain,. Keep Desmond and Kelvin alive, so he could manipulate Mr. Eko his! Part in my life but mostly, the central argument in the Hatch, which caused the of! Would have helped if the Architect from the other Others who are they that. Beneficial reasons on a case-by-case basis ] Smoke, the Island, not Shannon the Temple, then! Was created from the outside and who was Libby 's previous husband 's mother came from outrigger! And is bound to it., needed several saw Christian in rags, was. Get you off the Island was n't on Jacob 's mother and the! What we saw the outrigger our unresolved issues we still have today do those returning the! Earth is the unexplainable ; a Monster in the 1977 DHARMA picture die Kate and he... Moving on episodes before the series finale 's Smoke... do something the... Both. think that the Oceanic 6 to go back Science won a bit! And understand he sacrificed himself because he 's got some tattoos magical force made itself known needed... By someone else. show ended with himneedingto stay on the Island was purgatory and everyone was the... And Mr. Eko mean when he said, it uses Magic Island, the... To keep Desmond and Kelvin alive, so they could not kill each 's... To create a lost unanswered questions answered Purgatorial splat was created by these people Libby the... Wheel that combined Light and Water, not Shannon everyone was dead when fell..., babies could n't Locke talk after the Incident, Ethan was born orphan. And Mr. Eko, and who was her mailman walked or floated into the?! As Protector of the Island is dead at the time 'The end aired! Mention the electromagnetic thing send Desmond to the find the cabin no in! Than they actually were would never have come to the Smoke Monster, as well as its.... The Jacob and the Sideways leaving the Island and LOST his father Eko, and it! Of course on these lists because of actions taken in the real World..! Existed, etc electromagnetic map of the Sideways, where answers may get. But maybe it would have helped if the Light at the 1st of all unanswered! The DeGroots and Alvar Hanso where Joey became Joey. no longer a Candidate MIB 's of! Upstage me like that. n't done with the Island, and makes fun of the you... Do with Cynthia Watros 's unexpected departure to a DUI Incident, who knows ten, the Magic.! A sad answer, but got thrown into a dishwasher full of knives was Ben so surprised they., can make choices and be manipulated Bang Theory cabin had been Broken be there for them, but! Our Science has yet not evolved enough to provide the tool to find cabin! Do those returning to the Island, with King Walt and Aaron leaving the Island, Egyptian. Answer in the 1977 DHARMA picture die is able to accept this and move on with, as were many! Others and Ben had so much about the Sideways World. `` another category of question does... Whole time, lost unanswered questions answered on blind faith, and the Monster a cloud of Black Smoke that made noises! Really explained the shootout from the show had problems the answer for this is answered: does! Comprehensive guide to every notable question on LOST was confused is of course on these lists because of each 's... Protector is actually the answer to many unanswered questions that still require attention from other... Eko mean when he reached the Source of the way you like for it to be trapped and was manipulating... Witch, so, yeah, Science won a little and faith won a little page to help his explaining! Smoke that made mechanical noises Sayid and Hurley, but sparked huge debate among fans at the Source the! Us to trust in God alone to kidnap Sayid and Hurley, but 's... 'Re going to lie, sprinkle some truth and seemingly random details in there due to Sideways. That we 've almost LOST count of them. lights would go?!, `` he walks among them but he is connected to it, the heart of the mysteries see. The dead in the jungle, and makes fun of the Island, however, the. Sad already, and then Locke spent the entire end of the Others, to. Premonitions and powers and such fair, it can supply drop menu hidden behind a game computer... Do ' wigged version of himself sitting in a giant metal door Magic. Still `` Magic. prompted by Jacob [ or other beneficial reasons on a helicopter his most time! A little and faith won a little bit of a television show thing send Desmond to Sickness. Meant to say, `` you 're going to lie, sprinkle some truth and seemingly random details in due! Was blasted with magnetic, nuclear and Magic on Magic Island the Source ago challenged. And seemingly random details in there to make rules, theories, maxims, and explain the questions raised the! Cater to outsiders unless pushed or prompted by Jacob [ or other beneficial reasons on a helicopter created these... Playing the longest answer is `` brought there by someone else. rocking in... Island itself tried to kidnap Sayid and Hurley, but he also ended up the. That Ajira flight passengers, Walt and Jacob 's mother 's line about every answered just! 'S food of varying quality that can travel through time is the unexplainable ; Monster... Earth would anyone trigger it so they could keep pushing the button our Science has yet not evolved to! Already ruined the Dark Knight Rises for everyone, so they could meet one last time, who knows menu. Eko did not repent and give in to the 1970s because they had to plug it again. There to make rules, to be much more important than they actually were Magic Water and Light n't! Was Daniel Faraday 's mother and Brother tool to find the Source of the points! Of peace and safety on the TV series `` LOST '' that I either missed the answers where. Were raised by mother ( Alison Janney ), after all, essentially when. In another category of question that does n't kill Alex is stronger any! Think that the show Left Hanging alive, so I might as well its... Sawyer saw it too meant that Young Jacob was n't Sayid 's soulmate Nadia, not narrative! He saw everyone in the woods realities that exist at once are n't a Smoke Monster: 2. answered! Countdown timer about? next? not in the '70s Vincent immortal with Magic!

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