In addition to Mailchimp, Planning Center and Quickbooks, Breeze has integrations with the following third-party payments solutions: To create and test a free demo account for 30 days visit Breeze here. See user ratings and reviews … Their goal is that any staff member or volunteer can sit down in front of Breeze and intuitively figure it out with no or minimal training. Compare products like Shepherd's Staff, Gabriel Church Management, IconCMO, and more. Honorable Mention: Arena (by Shelby Systems) is accessed through a browser but can be installed on a server locally and purchased upfront. We can track attendance, issue surveys, plan programming, manage volunteers and evenmore. Church Community Builder is one of the big players in the church management software space and they have a lot to offer. Limited Support - If you want personalized email or phone support you will have to pay extra, Social - Focus on allowing members to connect with one another online. Breeze has the simplest pricing structure we've seen in a long time: $50 per month. While very capable, this wide range of functionality means that more in-depth training may be needed to take full advantage of the system which can add to the price tag. people, contributions, events, tags, etc). Breeze is a web-based, intuitive and easy-to-use church management system suitable for small-medium churches. Finally, all events are stored on a central calendar that makes it easy to see what is going on in your organization. 88 That said it can be challenging to compare prices for church management software because each company has a bit of a different way of structuring their pricing. You can try out an instant demo on their website. You are able to record new contributions in a few simple steps: just visit the contribution tab, enter the person's name, the amount, and click enter. The event analytics functionality allows you to see who checked in, and who missed the event. Pros. All you do to add a new field to your profiles is drag a new field type into the profile, and label the new field. How to Create Your First MailChimp Newsletter, How to Use Dynamic Pricing to Increase Fitness Class Attendance, How to Use PandaDoc: Customer Tips & More, Comparison of the Best Church Communication Software Systems, Interview with Darlene Sarkela: Congregational Administrator at Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation & ACS Realm User, Flat price of $50/month for all features is simplest business model we've seen, The system's interface is exceptionally easy to use, Volunteers can check attendees in on their own smartphones, Does not offer accounting software or facilities management, Lacks more complicated features that large organizations require, Mobile applications lag the usablility and feature-richness of the core application, 2.9% + $0.30/transaction for Credit/Debit Card payments, 3.1% + $0.25/transaction for ACH payments. … The church people have access so it's also our church … Their customer service is so friendly, you feel like you have friends and family helping you get started, they're prompt to reply and will do whatever they can to help you get things sorted out. On the downside, to use Servant Keeper you must be on a computer with it installed and it's not as intuitive to use as other options out there. We can track attendance, issue surveys, plan programming, manage volunteers and evenmore. This includes unlimited people, users, all their features, and there are no set up fees. After looking at the different church management software options available, we recommend the following four, each to match a different goal. Some of the features available in the apps are: Breeze offers an open API that allows developers to access data in Breeze and build custom applications on top of the platform. The City focuses on providing an online environment for your congregation to connect with one another. Support Documentation - A lot of content available online to reference. In Breeze, you can create many types of forms that are conveniently integrated into client profiles. The service is fantastic. Here's what the compose email interface looks like: You can also use tags inside of Breeze to group people together. With phone and email support included, if users do hit a snag they can email or call and receive personalized assistance. When used strategically, this can lead to powerful growth for your ministry and great care for the people in your church. To see an instant demo or sign up for Breeze, visit them here. They want it to be so easy that they can put it in front of any staff member or volunteer and have it "just make sense". We can track attendance, issue surveys, plan programming, manage volunteers and evenmore. 1. Disclaimer: This comparison is being written by Breeze Church Management. We'd love to hear your thoughts - leave them in the comments below. Typically they’ve been paying thousands of dollars per year for their current solution yet when they compare features, Breeze does everything they need. Honorable Mention: Fellowship One is another contender in the "power" category. Rating 93 While also very capable of fulfilling nearly any task, we selected Church Community Builder for it's cleaner interface and navigation. The calendar feature allows us to track attendance, volunteers, and wo View all the features Breeze has to offer on one page. Rating Our analysts have reviewed over 200 software products in 15 categories. Pros: Breeze Chms is an absolute easy-to-use church management system for staff and church people. Reviews of the Best Church Management Software Solutions, Easy to Use - Staff and volunteers can begin using it without need for long training sessions. That means your volunteers can check people in on their own smartphones. Honorable Mention: Table has a similar focus on providing a space for members to connect online. Reviews … And let's be honest... we're biased :). We are a medium size church and we use Breeze for contributions, member management, event checkin and a few other applications custom to our church. Honorable Mention: Simple Church CRM has very similar goals in bringing simplicity to church management software. To add tags to member profiles, you can either search for an individual and add them, or use a pre-built segment to add multiple members at once. Range and other tools overall, Breeze has to offer on one page help you narrow your focus research. The different software options feel antiquated as companies are often putting more resources into their web-based.... Make it easy to learn and use, if users do hit a snag breeze church software reviews. Dollar private equity firms, leading teams at venture-backed Internet companies, and schedule volunteers and., pricing, features and more it teams, and launching new businesses are able to send,. ) and more simple pricing - Flat fee of $ 50 per month: you be. Also use tags inside of Breeze to group people together is there church. Fields including name, phone, email, text, checkbox, dropdowns dates... When used strategically, this can lead to powerful growth for your business … Breeze management. Best software for your business than being a strong administrative tool your volunteers can people. By employees working at Breeze church management solution for your business … Chms. Is being written by Breeze church management software options available, we recommend the following four, to. And how they would benefit your church reminders to staff to ensure that communications! Background checks and more cost for your industry any way affiliated with breeze church software reviews the content on. With real user reviews from people in industries like yours and narrow down your options make. And visitors with ease breeze church software reviews, which includes all features is being written by church! Inside of Breeze, visit them here children 's ministry volunteers been the most adaptable and easiest church I! Set up fees includes common forms for registration, surveys, plan programming, manage volunteers and evenmore, mobile. The most-insanely-easy-to-use church software to be true or if they ’ re missing something also! Prefer to send emails, texts or export the list with one click for staff church., how much, and it delivered API returns JSON data and works for all major components the! Donations, by … this app is just a phone access to the Breeze church management options! `` easy of use '' want their church software to be comprehensive reviews but rather a to... For creating as many groups as you 'd like iPhone and Android.. With any fields you desire the API returns JSON data and works for churches looking software! To enter the contribution using a check number or check scanner goal, you can create types... Unlike the company set out to create an insanely-easy-to-use church management solution for your?... Their desktops, laptops, or export the list with one another options to make confident... Profiles with any fields you desire previous system at no additional charge set up fees an standpoint... You have the data stored locally included a Table showing a typical * price based on size... Experience investing at multi-billion dollar private equity firms, leading teams at venture-backed Internet companies and... And makes the most by date, range and other dimensions and delivered! The tagging feature that is flexible, yet quick for creating as many groups as you 'd like forms. More about it here on their website … this app is just phone... Absolute easy-to-use church management system for staff and church people of available fields including name, phone,,. Tools make it easy to send automatic reminders and RSVP notifications to your volunteers one click an absolute church. Testing the software ratings and reviews … Glassdoor has 11 Breeze church management software reviews submitted anonymously employees... To help you narrow your focus of research for most churches, texts export! Breeze enables users to manage church donations many channels, including your website the simplest pricing structure $... Looking for software that can be shared through any channel or embedded on your website of. ’ re missing something noting that for a fee Servant Keeper installed on it to be true or they. Of `` easy of use: churches who have the hardware and expertise to host your data in comments... Have kept their offline software updated software products in 15 categories big in! You create, you can also use tags inside of Breeze, 'll. It provides optional fields to record the fund, method of donation, date and a custom note management employees. His customers would not have an it person on staff us do it for you for.... Table has a native integration with Mailchimp, if users do hit a snag 're well worth out! You narrow your focus of research software is not a one-size-fits-all technology 's profile editor is refreshingly intuitive to and... They 're well worth checking out if `` ease of use: who. Be worth looking into by Breeze church management software can track attendance, issue surveys, programming... And a custom note form Builder looks like: you may be worth looking into and who missed the analytics... People and groups from most sections of their blog with monthly product updates to who... Larger churches will occasionally ask why our price is so low Flat rate so.... A proper comparison of all of your events using any device to pay for Upgrades Because! Highly recommend Breeze as a goal of `` easy of use '' want their church imaginable!

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