We are icYhe,

our mission is to take advertising to the highest level

About Us

  • We are a modern management consultancy solving problems for businesses and individual site/product owners. From marketing strategy and web experience to lead generation. We consult in everything digital.

Our Approach

  • Our approach is different to any other consultancy but more effective. We take a data-driven approach to help your business/site/products connect with core audiences.

Our Goal

  • As a business owner your goal is to make money: simply the truth. The most important part is how you promote your business to your perspective customer or client determines how well you will achieve that goal.
  • To deliver positive digital experiences that make us proud.

Our Strategy

  • We believe that in order to have a successful advertising campaign you need to know who your audience is, have a great creative message to reach them with and target that audience in a cost-effective and efficient way.


  • How can you make the most out of your advertising/marketing?
    – There are several factors to a successful ad campaign and the creative message is just one. Build a strong connected brand. Expand your high-performing campaigns to scale your business, guide your decision making and support your wider marketing strategy.
  • Attract more visitors to your website. Discover useful insights about your audience.
    – How they search
    – What they want
    – Where they go
    – What they respond to
    – Then deliver your message at the right time, in the right place, and in the best possible way
  • How we do this?
    We consult, advise, plan and imagine with our clients to help them identify, claim, expand and defend their market position.
    We are adventurous spirits and fearless thinkers. We are the architects of the big, must-have conversations for brands, products, and websites.

We Believe

  • Advertising is like any other art form, how good or bad it is, its always in the eye of the beholder.


Our team have backgrounds a range of industries, all related to the digital realm. We work the synergy that is a coherent blend of methods and practices that ultimately contribute to a robust and comprehensive approach.



We live, eat and breath success. We have one of the most dedicated teams, ensuring unity in all the work that we do.



As a company, we are all about the challenge. We absolutely love seeing and helping businesses grow in our care.